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Our Story

Where and when it began...

My mother's love of cooking and growing her own ingredients inspired me to become a chef. As a classically trained French Chef, I worked the first 10 years in Michelin Restaurants throughout Europe & Australia as a fine dining savory Chef.


In 2017, I seized the opportunity to teach the CAP pastry exam in France, with macarons being the most challenging dessert. Making macarons appealed to my attention to detail and passion for unique flavor combinations. This led to the creation of Bijoux Macarons, an online macaron class the same year. In 2018, I moved to Los Angeles, and a year later, I expanded Bijoux Macarons to an online pastry shop.

The Evolution Of French Macarons

Growing up in France, macarons are a delicacy and a treat for special occasions. During my internship in a Michelin-starred restaurant, I worked with an incredible Master Pastry Chef and perfected the fundamental skills of making macarons. My goal was to share them with my family for celebrations.


Although I learned the fundamentals, as anyone who's ever tried making them knows, macarons are incredibly challenging. Through trial and error, I realized that it wasn't only about the perfect recipe. Many other factors affect their success, such as the equipment, environment, and ingredients.


Over the years, I have experimented with all aspects of macarons to understand their particularities. I've created a one-of-a-kind macaron that you won't find anywhere else, from the perfect texture to my signature flavor combinations. At Bijoux Macarons, you will experience authentic French macarons.

The Art of Chocolate Ganache

Did you know? The flavor of macarons comes from the filling and not the shell. That's why I pay special attention to the chocolate ganache process for an unrivaled taste.


My chocolate ganache is crafted like an artisan chocolate maker. Using superior chocolate, I methodically prepare the ganache with precision and an advanced technique. By doing this, I control the humidity ratio of the filling for an ideal texture and increase my macarons' shelf life. This preparation also allows the macarons to be delivered at their peak, just as if you were picking them up from the store.

Our Mission: A Taste Of France

Founded in France, Made in LA

Our mission is to provide a one-of-a-kind macaron experience. Growing up in France, Chef Vincent is proud of his heritage and brings his expertise and savoir-faire to macarons for an authentic taste of France to the United States.

Alchemist of Flavor

Through Chef Vincent's experience and formal education, he is an alchemist of flavor, evolving the macaron into a superior experience with unique flavor combinations.

The Best Ingredients

Chef Vincent has a simple philosophy for baking: "The best desserts begin with the best ingredients." That's why our macarons are made using only the finest, freshest ingredients. Nothing artificial ever!

Handcrafted With Care

At Bijoux Macarons, we handcraft our macarons in small batches with care to guarantee quality and freshness. That means irresistible macarons along with attentive customer service, all wrapped up in an exquisite package.

Fun Fact:

In French, Bijoux means jewel. Macarons are challenging to make, even for expert pastry chefs, requiring care and precision. Each macaron is handmade with dozens of exact steps essential to the texture and flavor of the macaron. They are a fashionable delicacy, considered a treasure and the jewel (bijoux) of desserts.

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