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Turmeric Tangerine

White chocolate ganache infused with a fresh tangerine, combined with Turmeric spice for vibrant color and aromatic citrus cream for a sweet taste of Spring

Tasting notes: Fresh tangerine + turmeric spice + lemon juice + 31% white chocolate


Vanilla Grand Cru

White chocolate ganache infused with premium Madagascar vanilla beans and homemade vanilla extract for a rich, creamy vanilla macaron. Must try!

Tasting notes: Madagascar vanilla + 31% white chocolate


Hibiscus Strawberry

Tart hibiscus flower combined with the fresh homemade strawberry puree and white chocolate give this macaron an incredible flavor

Tasting notes: Homemade strawberry puree + hibiscus flower + 31% white chocolate 



This limited-edition collection includes fan favorites along with a chic twist on classic desserts.
  • They are the best (macarons) I have ever had!

    Debra Haas
  • I know a good Macaron when I see one, and these macarons are AMAZING! Trust me; you need to try these.

    The Dining Dolls
  • I’m just so impressed with the quality and flavors. Everything is so fresh and creative.

    Ferreby S.
  • Chef Vincent’s macarons are one of a kind! Best balance of flavors. It’s a must try for the unique flavors and experience.

    Sarah Glass
  • Wow, they are works of art both visual and flavor!!

    Sherri S.
  • These are the best macarons I’ve ever had.

    Jasmine R.
  • Too pretty to eat… too incredible not to. These are hands-down the best macarons I've had in or outside of France!!

    Lauren H
  • The taste is the best I’ve ever found - hands down.

    Kelsey M.
  • I received these as a gift and took them home for the holidays. They were a big hit and enjoyed by all.  There was something for everyone; a variety and beautifully packaged.

    Tom R.


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