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Founded in France, Handmade in Los Angeles

As a classically trained French Chef, Vincent Guiheneuf brings his savoir-faire to macarons for an authentic taste of France. Each macaron is handcrafted using only the finest ingredients. We’ve reimagined the experience for unbelievable macarons delivered to your door.

Spring Has Sprung

We put our newest macarons into 2 special collections; Spring Collection and Easter Collection. Don’t miss out! Choose your favorite and get ready to make someone’s day extra special



Orange Blossom

Orange zest + orange blossom water + organic honey + 31% white chocolate


Strawberry Lemonade

Lemon juice + lemon zest + organic strawberries + homemade raspberry puree + 31% white chocolate


Italian Pistachio

Italian roasted pistachios + organic almond bitters + 31% white chocolate

  • I know a good Macaron when I see one, and these macarons are AMAZING! Trust me; you need to try these.

    The Dining Dolls
  • I had taken a macaron class a year ago (and just ordered a box of macarons.) Your macarons are the BEST! The packaging is beautiful and makes a great gift.

    Stacy Molina
  • I’m just so impressed with the quality and flavors. Everything is so fresh and creative.

    Ferreby S.
  • These are the BEST macarons, I've ever had!

    129 Bijoux Macaron Customer Reviews (and counting)
  • Chef Vincent’s macarons are one of a kind! Best balance of flavors. It’s a must try for the unique flavors and experience.

    Sarah Glass
  • The macarons are remarkable in every aspect - from the packaging to the flavors and the delivery. They are delicious!

    Jim Landy
  • Too pretty to eat… too incredible not to. These are hands-down the best macarons I've had in or outside of France!!

    Lauren H
  • I received these as a gift and took them home for the holidays. They were a big hit and enjoyed by all.  There was something for everyone; a variety and beautifully packaged.

    Tom R.
  • Wow, they are works of art both visual and flavor!!

    Sherri S.
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