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Crafted with real absinthe, the botanical ingredients layered with dark chocolate create a vivid and complex macaron with the black color from activated charcoal. The sweet aromas of fennel and the licorice taste of star anise match the intense and dark flavor of chocolate perfectly. This product contains not more than .05% alcohol by volume.

Tasting notes: St. George Absinthe Verte + fennel seeds + star anise + 50% cacao dark chocolate

Pairing: Shot of absinthe


Chocolate Truffle

Made with a superior quality chocolate “grand cru”. A best seller, this macaron has a cake-like texture and exceptionally well-balanced vibrant chocolate flavor.

Tasting notes: Valrhona Guanaja 70% cacao dark chocolate

Pairing: Aged Tawny Port


Earl Grey

Rich chocolate ganache infused with organic earl grey tea. This macaron has a bold and rich flavor of the bergamot for an incredible flavor.

Tasting notes: Organic earl grey tea + organic raw honey + 55% cacao dark chocolate

Pairing: Cup of Earl Grey tea


Heritage Salted Caramel

Sweet, salty and buttery – you’ve never had salted caramel like this! Made with fleur de sel from Brittany, France. Not to be missed for a taste of Chef Vincent’s hometown and birthplace of Salted Caramel

Tasting notes: Dark amber caramel + Brittany fleur de sel + French butter

Pairing: Glass of French cider


Italian Pistachio

Spring 2021 Fall in love with this irresistible macaron with premium Italian roasted pistachios infused into creamy white chocolate with a hint of subtle almond flavor. Impossible to resist; this is pistachio at its best.

Tasting notes: Italian roasted pistachios + organic almond bitters + 31% white chocolate

Pairing: Cup of capuccino


Orange Blossom

Spring 2021 Spring has sprung! Fragrant orange blossom with crisp orange citrus and a dash of honey in velvety white chocolate for a well-balanced floral macaron.

Tasting notes: Fresh orange zest + orange blossom water + organic honey + 31% white chocolate

Pairing: Coupe of champagne


Provençal Lavender

Well balance macaron made with white ganache and light amber caramel with the sweetness of organic blue lavender from Provence. A true taste of France!

Tasting notes: Organic Provence blue lavender + 31% cacao white chocolate

Pairing: Cup of chamomile tea


Raspberries & Champagne

White chocolate ganache combined with homemade raspberry puree, Champagne and Chambord. This macaron is about a celebration into every bite! This product contains not more than .05% alcohol by volume.

Tasting notes: Homemade raspberry puree + Champagne + Chambord + 31% white chocolate 

Pairing: Glass of champagne rose


Rose & Grapefruit

Made with a white chocolate ganache with premium Lebanese rose water. This macaron is an amazing combination with the bitterness of the grapefruit and the floral notes from the rose.

Tasting notes: Grapefruit zest + Lebanese rose water + 31% cacao white chocolate

Pairing: Glass of Gewurztraminer

Coffee Bourbon

Single Origin Coffee & Bourbon

Rich aromatic coffee infused with white chocolate ganache, add a hint of smokey bourbon for a surprising spin on a classic favorite. This product contains not more than .05% alcohol by volume.

Tasting notes: Stumptown coffee beans + Kentucky bourbon + 31% cacao white chocolate

Pairing: Freshly brewed espresso


Strawberry Lemonade

Spring 2021 Taste the sunshine! Lemon juice and lemon zest with a homemade berry puree infused with white chocolate for the perfect tart and sweet pairing.

Tasting notes: Fresh lemon juice + lemon zest + organic strawberries + homemade raspberry puree + 31% white chocolate

Pairing: Glass of strawberry lemonade


Vanilla Grand Cru

White chocolate ganache infused with premium Madagascar vanilla beans and homemade vanilla extract for a rich, creamy vanilla macaron. Must try!

Tasting notes: Madagascar vanilla + 31% white chocolate

Pairing: Mug of cafe latte

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