Bijoux Macaron flavors change seasonally. Get them while they last!



Toasted Coconut

New! Spring Collection Taste the tropics with this summer treat! White chocolate ganache infused with toasted coconut and a hint of freshly squeezed lime for a refreshing twist.


Grapefruit Mint

New! Spring Collection Made with candied pink grapefruit and fragrant fresh mint leaves, this white chocolate ganache macaron is a sweet reminder of Spring.


Coffee Bourbon

New! Spring Collection Rich aromatic coffee infused with white chocolate ganache, add a hint of smokey bourbon for a surprising spin on a classic favorite. This product contains not more than .05% alcohol by volume.


Lemon Laurel

New! Spring Collection White ganache infused with fresh zest of lemon and herbal bay leaves. Add a lemon confit center for an exquisite & refreshing macaron that tastes like summer!


Rose Gold

Made with a white chocolate ganache with homemade raspberry puree and a hint of rose water. This macaron is an amazing combination with the tartness of the raspberry and the floral notes from the rose.


Strawberry Champagne

Indulge in rich white chocolate infused with fresh strawberries and smooth notes of champagne. An elegant combination not to be forgotten. This product contains not more than .05% alcohol by volume.


Chocolate Grand Cru

Made with a superior quality chocolate “grand cru”. A best seller, this macaron has a cake-like texture and exceptionally well-balanced vibrant chocolate flavor.


Salted Caramel

Sweet, salty and buttery – you’ve never had salted caramel like this! Made with fleur de sel from Brittany, France. Not to be missed for a taste of Chef Vincent’s hometown and birthplace of Salted Caramel


Chai Latte

Spices of chai latte pair beautifully with the delicate milk chocolate. Activated charcoal is used for natural color and a uniquely exotic macaron.


Moscow Mule

Very refreshing macaron with notes of spicy ginger. Made with a white chocolate ganache with fresh ginger, lime zest and a hint of fresh mint.


Old Fashioned

Made with a splash of bourbon and rich dark chocolate paired harmoniously with the orange zests with a soft smoky aftertaste. This product contains not more than .05% alcohol by volume.


Hazelnut Sesame

Made with a milk chocolate ganache, hazelnut paste with toasted sesame seeds. Not to be missed for chocolate peanut butter lovers!


Earl Grey

Rich chocolate ganache infused with organic earl grey tea. This macaron has a bold and rich flavor of the bergamot for an incredible flavor.



Well balance macaron made with white ganache and light amber caramel with the sweetness of organic lavender, a true taste of Provence, France.



The flavors below are part of past collections and all available for custom orders. If you would like to order any of these flavors contact us at by phone (323) 607-3450 or email:


Banana Peanut Butter

March 2019 Decadent & dreamy! Creamy peanut butter swirled with milk chocolate ganache combined with dried banana bits; it’s hard to eat just one.


Lemon Basil

Winter 2018 Made with white chocolate ganache with fresh basil leaves. This macaron is subtle and refreshing, with lemon confit in the middle for a brilliant combination.


Winter Pecan

Winter 2018 Crowd favorite! Made with a white chocolate ganache infused with a flavorful Tahitian vanilla bean. This macaron will surprise you with a crunchy praline pecan center.


Strawberry Sorbet

Winter 2018 Made with homemade strawberry purée and white chocolate ganache. You’ll taste the freshness of the ripe